Configure Deduplication in Windows Server 2012

Windows 2012 deduplication segments files into small chunks and stores any duplicate chunks as a single chunk to save on space. The chunks are between 32 and 128 KB in size. Data deduplication can only be enabled on NTFS. Also, deduped drives cannot be system or boot volumes.

First is installation of  deduplication feature on server by following powershell command:

Install-WindowsFeature FS-Data-Deduplication


To enable Deduplication type the following command:

Enable-DedupVolume D:


To get a list of volumes that have deduplication enabled:



To check the settings configured for deduplication on volumes use the command:

Get-DedupVolume | fl


If you set MinimumFileAgeDays to 0 days, it will process all files no matter their age.

To change the “MinimumFileAge” for instance:

Set-Dedupvolume E: -MinimumFileAgeDays 0


To see the schedule for deduplication:


To see detailed of schedule:

Get-Dedupschedule | fl


As you can see from the illustration below there are 3 job types.

1. Optimization- Runs once an hour. This job deduplicates and compresses file chunks on the volume.

2. Garbage Collection- Runs once a week. Removes any chunk files that are no longer referenced to reclaim space.

3. Scrubbing- Runs once a week. Verifies data integrity and attempts to fix any corruption it finds.

To setup deduplication manually you can also create a manual deduplication job as following:

New-dedupschedule -Name “Deduplication Manual” -Type Optimization -Days Sat -Start 16:00 -DurationHours 12


After all this Deduplication will be configured and you can also check this in Tash Scheduler in Administrative tools:



you can also use Deduplication Evaluation Tool (ddpeval.exe) to calculate space on windows before installation of feature.


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