Check WMI Problem on SQL Cluster server

On SQL cluster, sometimes the fialover cluster manager stopped working because of WMI issue and we receive following errors:





But we cannot say its defining the WMI problem.. We can check by running below command on each node of the Cluster.

Get-WmiObject -namespace "rootmscluster" -class MSCluster_Resource

Also, there is a script taken from the Technet  The script can be run on one of the nodes that will connect to all the other nodes and check to see if the namespace is present.  If it is, it will succeed.  If the namespace does not exist, it will fail.

Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted


If(import-module failoverclusters)

Write-Host "Imported Cluster module"


Write-Host "Getting the cluster nodes..." -NoNewline
$nodes = Get-ClusterNode
Write-host "Found the below nodes "
Write-host " "
Write-host ""
Write-host "Running the WMI query...."
Write-host " "
ForEach ($Node in $nodes)
Write-Host -NoNewline $node

if($Node.State -eq "Down")

Write-Host -ForegroundColor White    " : Node down skipping"



$result = (get-wmiobject -class "MSCluster_CLUSTER" -namespace "rootMSCluster" -authentication PacketPrivacy               -computername $Node -erroraction stop).__SERVER
Write-host -ForegroundColor Green      " : WMI query succeeded "


Write-host -ForegroundColor Red -NoNewline  " : WMI Query failed "
Write-host  "//"$_.Exception.Message


In the below example, you can see that one of the nodes failed.



To correct the problem, you would need to run the below from an administrative command prompt on the “failed” node(s).

cd c:windowssystem32wbem
mofcomp.exe cluswmi.mof

Once the Cluster WMI has been added back, you can successfully open Failover Cluster Management.  There is no restart of the machine or the Cluster Service needed.

If nothing works, Then proceed to restart the server is not a bad option.


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