Active Directory Useful Commands

There are some useful Shortcut keys for managing Active Directory for daily operations.

dnsmgmt.msc (DNS Manager)

domain.msc (Active Directory domains and trusts)

schmmgmt.msc (Active Directory Schema snap-in)

dssit.msc (Active Directory Sites and Services)

dsa.msc (Active Directory Users and Computers)

DCPromo (Active Directory Installation Wizard)

Dcdiag.exe (command line tool analyzes the state of domain controllers and reports any problems.
adsiedit.msc (Used for editing Active Directory to add, delete, or move objects within the directory)

(Helps isolate networking and connectivity problems by performing a series of tests to determine the state of the network client.)


Ntdsutil.exe (Used to perform database maintenance of Active Directory, manage and control single master operations, and remove metadata left behind by domain controllers that were removed from the network)

Repadmin.exe (diagnose replication problems between domain controllers.)



/dclist parameter is used to create a list of domain controllers of the domain

nltest /dclist:lab.local

nltest /user:”TestAdmin” (Advanced information about users)

nltest.exe /server:W2K16dc01 /sc_query:lab.local (Verify trust relationship with a specific server)

nltest /dcname:lab (Determine the PDC emulator for a domain)

nltest /domain_trusts (Show trust relationships for a domain)

For more details on NLTEST command:





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